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The Pièce de Résistance

Have you ever eaten something so yummy that you just had to know how something so delightfully scrumptious could exist? You just wanted to kiss the hands of the chef who ahem “accidently” stumbled upon this genius of a discovery. We are talking about none other than the famous “Butter Chicken”!!

Murgh Makhani (butter chicken) is a traditional Mughal dish from Delhi. Delhi's cuisine has elements of many of her rulers who were variously Arabs, Afghans and Mughal. But of course, butter chicken would be not itself today had it not been for the punjabi's tandoors.  One of the most rewarding experiences of Indian fusion foods is that, you get to eat the best of both the worlds. Flavours and ingredients from all over the world have intermingled themselves in the cauldron and churned the appetite of the world.

At Ranjit’s the chefs have kept alive the ethnicity through traditional flavouring of this shahi murgh. Ranjit's butter chicken is sumptuously rich, containing yoghurt, sour cream and a fragrant mixture of spices in its creamy sauce. Generous quantities of ‘desi ghee’ are poured into this dish contributing to its mouth-watering aroma! For those of you who like to live life with a twist, our innovative chefs bring to you our hot favorite Chicken Pakiza. This dish has the hot chicks roasted to perfection and dipped in our thick bhopali special gravy.  And might we suggest an appetizing plate of our special daal makhani which goes especially well with our murgh makhani to please your taste buds and complete this deliciously satisfying feast.
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